About Our Eco-Development

Our Vision

Olas De Dominical is a new world class real estate investment/ rental micro community based on the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Initially , all 8 units of the development will be sold to individual investors/owners. Once a complete sell through of the casitas is complete, a management company will handle sales and leasing of the village for various vacation options. Our primary goal for the rentals of the village is to focus on larger ALL inclusive group rentals (surf,fitness/yoga,corporate,wedding retreats) keeping units rented and paying out investment $ while our owners are not there.

Retreat. Relax. Unwind. Enjoy.


The concept of sustainability( as defined by Instituto Costarricense de Turismo):

The development of sustainable tourism must be seen as the balanced interaction between the use of our natural and cultural resources, the improvement of the quality of life among the local communities, and the economic success of the industry, which also contributes to national development. Sustainable tourism is not only a response to demand, but also an imperative condition to successfully compete now and in the future. (Definition of Sustainable Tourism, CST, 1997)

Sustainability, as a model of development, seeks to meet the current demands of society without compromising the rights of future generations to meet theirs. That is to say, the development of the country cannot be based on the unbalanced exploitation of resources (natural, cultural, social, etc.) to meet the demands of society (food, housing, health, employment) because these are the only resources we have, and that future generations have, to meet our and their own needs.

What is 100% responsible tourism?

It is the type of tourism that the country needs.
It is efficient operations that promote conservation and efficient use of resources.
It is tourism that is committed to the community and its needs, seeking dedication and solutions for the environment.
It is the certification of all tourism businesses that must be dedicated to carrying out conservation measures and handling risks to nature appropriately

Not only from an environmental standpoint, but as a positive business model for our community.

-At Olas De Dominical, we will always strive to leave as little footprint on the environment around us as possible. Organic Gardening, On site composting, 100% natural cleaning supplies, rain capture on each unit are just some of the ways we make sure this is possible.

-Our management will hold 2 seminars a year and invite local builders to attend and further their knowledge of green/ sustainable building.

-Olas De Dominical will sponsor quarterly beach clean up sessions at our local break, Playa Dominical.

-All excess food from garden will be donated to locals in need.

-a % of all profits will be donated to the Costa Rica Tourism Institute(Instituto Costarricense de Turismo)

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